Which hill is the hardest to run?

Yesterday I ran a hill workout with Luke’s Locker free Thursday evening run group. Hills form my morning every day as I bike into work. I fly down Congress Avenue before I get to the river and then struggle back up the massive hill that leads up to the Capitol of Texas. My thighs feel like giant hams by the time I get to work.

Sometimes when I’m running in my very hilly neighborhood, I decide between two routes: (a) suffering up a mile long hill, similar in shape to Hill 3, or (b) grit my teeth, force myself up a sharp incline and then try to regain normal breathing for the following mile (similar to Hill 2).

The Wikipedia entry for cumulative elevation gain would say that the two routes have the same gain because the start and end are the same elevation and the paths are about the same distance.

Imagine running each hill below separately. How do they compare in difficulty? Are they all equally difficult? Or are they impossible to compare?

Four hills

I surveyed the good people that run Arturo’s Cafe (my favorite) at lunch. They’re a bunch of cyclists. They think Hill 3 is the most difficult.

Your vote?

And to you Austinites running the Capitol 10K coming up in a week, good luck on that massive hill on 15th Street and Enfield. I’ll be out there with a loud cowbell cheering you on and up!

Results of Google Survey.


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