My name is Ingrid Ristroph and I like questions about quantities. I teach high school math (Algebra II, PreCalculus, and AP Statistics) in Austin, Texas at Eastside Memorial High School’s STEM New Tech Academy.  I am a UTeach Mathematics graduate student. I like sharing explorations with my students, fellow teachers, and anyone else around me.

I eschew the idea of dictating math as if it’s a set of magical rules that have fallen from the sky. I’m not a fan of numerical grades because I think it’s close to impossible to quantify how much someone has learned . For the same reason, I have similar feelings about depending on dichotomous multiple choice questions tests to paint much of a full picture of a learner. I am an advocate for teachers and wish there were more pay, leadership opportunities, and teachers-training-teachers in education.

Twitter: @ingridristroph

Email: ingrid.ristroph@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. Ingrid,

    I saw your post this morning on tweeter regarding “completing the square.” I have been on a quest to teach math in a visual manner for over 20 years now. I believe the technology and mechanisms of delivery are finally to a point where something interesting can be achieved.

    I am always looking for teachers in the trenches to give me feedback on what works, what does not work, your dream animations (if you could do it), what students struggle with so on and so forth. I read you teach to low income students which is my ultimate target audience.

    I have recently started taking my project more serious and have been posting videos on economics, statistics and most recently algebra. I am actually approaching a 1 million views. Youtube is only my first venture and I have patterned up with a development company (Crema Labs) to create a series of interactive iPad applications to teach math. The guys at Crema are usability experts.

    Btw, I teach economics and statistics at the graduate level but my primary work has been software development (software consulting). I recently started tutoring math to the inner city kids in Kansas City with very very low test scores.

    Nonetheless, let me know any feedback that you would like to provide. Of course, good luck in the classroom

    David Longstreet

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