The Quantified Self For Narcissistic Nerds

For the past couple of years I’ve consistently recorded my running and swimming workouts on DailyMile. The bar graphs of the miles I’ve ran and juicy stats like how many donuts I’ve burned help keep me addicted to my little running habit.¬† Take a look at the past year and guess which month I gave […]

East Austin Segregation in Google Maps, Schools, and US Census Data

I’m searching for the cheapest retainer in Austin to wrangle in a wayward, crooked snaggletooth of mine. So I Googled “Orthodontist Austin Texas” and apparently nobody in East Austin needs braces. Now curious, I searched “Plastic Surgery Austin Texas”: And, then¬† “SAT Tutoring Austin Texas”. My experimenting suddenly took a not-so-funny turn. Are there no […]